What are Recipes

A Recipe is a list of specific instructions the tool uses to read and scrape a site.

Recipe selector instructions

The instructions are pieces of HTML code copied from the site. Data Miner then later reference this code to extract the data. For this reason, Recipes are specific to a site. If the site changes and the reference HTML code changes, the recipe will not work. So this means you need a different recipe for every site.

Recipes do not contain actual data or private information about you.

When you visit a website Data Miner automatically filters thousands of recipes that our users have created and shared and shows only the ones that are made for the site you are currently viewing

There are 3 categories of recipes: Public, Generic, and Private.

Public Recipes are created by our users and made available for anyone to use. Generic Recipes are simple recipes made to work on any website. And Private Recipes are made by you.

Recipe Categories

In addition to recipe categories, there are recipes types. Data Miner can scrape with 2 different types of recipes. We will cover that in the following tutorial, Finding the Right Recipe .