Scrape from a list of URLs

Data Miner can visit a list of URLs for you and scrape the data.

  • Scrape Profile Pages
  • Scrape Product Information
  • Scrape Contact Information
  • Extract Real Estate Listings
  • Tables You Have To Click

Recipe Creator

Create Recipes for any Website

Recipes are unique HTML instructions Data Miner uses to scrape websites. Scrape using...

  • Next Page Pagination
  • Custom Javascript
  • Click and Scroll Actions

Don't have time? You can also have us create a custom recipe for you. Order Your Custom Recipe

Instant Table Scrape

Scrape any Basic Table Fast

Using "Get Similar" you can instantly create a Table Recipe in seconds.

  • Easy To Use
  • Save and Scrape Again
  • No Coding Necessary

Key Features

There is so much to love about Data Miner

Extract Tables & Lists

Get data from list and tables on websites with ease.

1 Click Scraping

Using recipes, you scrape data in seconds and get it as CSV file.

Scrape Paginated Results

Automatically navigate paginated results and extract data from them.

Pages Behind Login / Firewall

Scrape data from pages behind a login or inside your corporate firewall.

Open & Scrape a list of URLs

Provide a set of URLs for Data Miner to scrape data from.

Run Custom Javascript

Use custom Javascript to clean up the scraped data, for example to extract emails.

Javascript API hooks

Get hook your custom Javascript code to Pre and Post scraping events.

Scrape Dynamic Ajax Content

Using Javascript click on buttons and fill forms and scrape dynamic content.

Automatically Fill Forms

Automatically fill forms with data you provide via an Excel file.

New Features Coming Soon ...

New Upcoming Features:

  • Auto Form Filling
  • Download Images

New Upcoming Features:

  • Download full HTML pages
  • Regex Clean Up

Features From You

    Looking for a feature you don't see? We are always happy to hear about new creative ideas for features. Send us feature ideas to