Custom Recipes

Save time and hire one of our developers to write recipes for you.

Single Recipe

$ 150
  • Scrape a List or Detail Page
  • 1-8 Data Columns
  • Next Page Navigation
  • Example Scrape: A Director

Advanced Recipes

  • Auto Form Filling
  • 8 + Data Columns
  • Complex Javascript Code
  • Example: Automated Search

Custom Recipe Request Form

Please watch the video and read all the FAQs below to familiarize yourself with recipes and Data Miner Subscription Plans . Then simply fill out the form and tell us the data columns you need to extract from the page. Once you pay with a credit card, we will assign a developer to write the recipe for you.

How to purchase a recipe

  1. Send us an email from the form provided
  2. Provide an example URL that displays the data
  3. List the items you'd like the recipe to extract
  4. Add Notes, such as "data is on sub level pages"
  5. We'll review the site and respond in about day with the next steps

All Custom Recipes are Public by default.
Custom recipes can be made private by paying a small fee.


What is a Recipe?

A recipe is how Data Miner finds the information on the page. It contains information about where elements are on the page and how they should be extracted. After the data is extracted you can save it as a CSV file and open it with Excel.

You can use the recipe whenever you like as much as you like, limited only by your account’s page credits. Our free subscription plan includes 500 page credits per month. You can always upgrade to higher plans if you need a higher limit.

The recipe will work for all pages with similar HTML structure, for example all profile pages in our sandbox have the same structure. But the profile page and search page have different structures so they will need different recipes.

How does Data Miner Work?

Data Miner uses your own browser to load pages and extract data from them after the page is fully visible. If you see some text data on a page it is possible to extract it. If the data is not on the page, Data Miner cannot get that data.

HTTPS / private pages / Logged in Pages?

The Data Miner tool can get data from behind a login wall without needing you to share your password with anyone. You simply run Data Miner tool on your own computer after you have logged into the website. Data Miner runs in your browser and extracts the data you see.

What's Custom Javascript for?

The Data Miner tool can execute a Javascript function that you provide after it has scraped your data. This adds a great degree of flexibility to what you can with Data Miner. For example, you can clean up the text you extracted, split names into first and last name column, or click on “see more” buttons on the page and much more.

Can you transform and cleanup the data?

Date Miner is capable of changing the data after scraping it using. For example change date format or combine or separate columns or extract emails from text. Data transformation will make creating the recipe a bit more complex and may require some additional fee depending on the work involved.

Will a recipe work forever?

No, the recipe will work as long as the website does not change its structure. If a recipe breaks, most of the time it is easy to fix if the website changes are not drastic. We can do those changes for you for free. However additional fees will be required depending on the scope of the work.


How long does it take?

It can take up to 1-3 business days to make a recipe for you. If you need it urgently we can make it in less than 24hrs for an additional rush order fee. Please let us know in the scraping instructions if your need it rushed and based on the complexity of the recipe and availability of our resources we can give you a quote.

Is there a limit on the usage of Recipe?

You can use the recipe whenever you like as much as you like, limited only by your account’s page credits. Our free subscription plan includes 500 page credits per month. You can always upgrade to higher plans if you need a higher limit.

Can you create an exclusive/private recipe for me?

The recipes that we create for you are by default marked as public recipes. We subsidize the cost of making the recipes by letting everyone in Data Miner community benefit from them. If you need an exclusive recipe just for you please let us know ahead of time and we will quote you the unsubsidized cost.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We do. If we can't make a recipe that extracts the data you specified we will give you a 100% refund.

Is phone support available?

We offer phone support only to our Enterprise customers. You can schedule a phone call with us for personal-level support during regular business hours in US Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00).

I have more questions. Who do I ask?

Try searching for what you need in our Help page . If you don't find what you're looking for, you can email us at for more help.

Secure Payments:

All our credit card processing is securely handled using a HTTPs encrypted connection by