Finding the Right Recipe

Data Miner is optimized to scrape two types of pages. A List page and Detail page. You will use a List Recipe to scrape a List page and a Detail Recipe to scrape a Detail page.

List Page

A List page is a long webpage that has multiple rows or grid squares and may have multiple pages at the bottom. A List page could be a table, a search results page or a long list of items. A list page will have Next Page Autopagination features.

List page Example - Table
List Example Table
List page Example - Search Results (Rows)
List Example Rows
List page Example - Search Results (Grid)
List Example Grid

Detail Page

A detail page is a single page that has detailed information for only one person, place or thing. A Detail page could be a profile page, a product page or any page you have to click into to see additional information.

Detail page Example - Company Profile
Detail Example Company Profile
Detail page Example - Person Profile
Detail Example Person profile
Detail page Example - Product page
Detail Example Product Page

Once you have identified the type of page, the next step is running the recipe in Data Miner. Learn how to do that from our Page Scrape tutorial.