Quick Start

Scrape data in seconds using the instructions below. Continue through the documentation for more detailed help.

Step 1 - Visit the site you want to scrape

Data must be visible on the page in order for Data Miner to scrape it.
Click the Data Miner extension in the top right corner of the browser.
Click "Start Scraping".

Data Miner pop up

Step 2 - Click Page Scrape

Page scrape is where you scrape data.
Click "Select a Recipe". Recipes scrape the data.
Select a Public Recipe. If no Public Recipes are available select a Generic Recipe.

A preview of data will display on the right hand side. If the data is wrong or needs improvements, you can learn how to write recipes from our Recipe Creator section of the documentation.

Data Miner Page Scrape

Step 3 - Scrape Tab

The "Scrape Page again" button allows you to manually visit a new page of the same style and scrape new data into the same file.
"Next Page Pagination" is when you want Data Miner to automatically click a Next button and scrape data. (Only available for List Recipes.)

Data Miner Scrape Tab

Step 4 - Download Tab

View your data.
Download as a CSV, Excel file or Copy to your clipboard. Or use "Save As" to keep the data in Data Miner.

Data Miner Download Tab

Step 5 - Try on your own!

Using our Practice Sandbox try running through the above steps on your own!