Running a Recipe

Once you've determined your page style, you'll find the same sections in Data Miner. Detail Scrape and List Scrape. This is where you run the recipes and perform the scrapes. A scrape is the process of running a recipe in Data Miner and extracting some information.


How to Run a recipe.

The first step in running a recipe, is finding your data. Data Miner does not search or crawl the web for data. You must visit the page that displays the data. Data Miner can only scrape data that is visible on the page or present in the HTML.

Once the data is visible, click the Data Miner extension in the top right corner of the browser.

Click "Start Scraping"


Now based on your page style, choose Detail Scrape or List Scrape. To learn about page styles visit our previous tutorial Finding the Right Recipe .

Once you are in the correct scrape section, click "Select a Recipe" from the tabs at the top of Data Miner. This is where you'll see the list of Recipes, filtered for the page you are on.


To Run a recipe, simply click on the recipe name or click "Select and Scrape". This will extract the available data and display a preview on the right-hand site of Data Miner.

The next step depends on the type of Recipe you are running. If you are running a Detail scrape, you can continue to manually visit different detail pages on the same site and click "Scrape again" . This will scrape the new page and accumulate it to your download tab. You can learn more about this process from the Detail Scrape section.

If you are scraping with a List Recipe, the next step allows you to paginate through multiple pages. Pagination is the process having Data Miner automatically click a Next button for you and scrape the data. You can learn more about this process from the List Scrape section.

To download the final results, click "Download" from the top tabs and choose your file type from the Download drop-down menu.

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